How to move furniture and antiques bought abroad ?

Image How to move furniture and antiques bought abroad ?

When you visit a foreign country, you may be fascinated with the furniture and the antiques you see there. Then, the idea of buying furniture and antiques come to mind.

However, the problem lies on relocating the pieces of furniture and antiques you bought abroad into your home country. Where to go and seek for advice? This guideline will inform you about how to proceed before you move.

Tips on moving furniture and antiques from abroad

  • Contact a moving agency: Contact the local moving agency earlier for an appointment as when to move the furniture and antiques. The moving agency will tell you what travel documents you need to prepare before moving your furniture.
  • Collect all the travel documents: Make sure that all the documents related to the pieces of furniture and antiques are available, particularly the receipt for the purchased pieces of furniture and antique objects. Other essential documents are authorizations to move the furniture and insurance. 
  • Go to the customs office: At the seaport, rent a cargo carrier where your furniture and antiques can fit in. Pay the customs fees for your goods and furniture. You need also pay the rent of the cargo carrier. 
  • Request for cargo insurance: Do not forget to request for cargo insurance to cover the cost of your furniture and antique objects in case of loss during the transit. Ask your insurance provider about the insurance coverage and its limitations. You will need to pay some fees for the insurance. 
  • Get back to the movers: When it is time to move, the moving agency is in charge of transporting the furniture and the antique goods to the seaport. They are also responsible for shipping the antiques and furniture into a ship. 
  • Transporting the goods: It might take many weeks of months to ship the good, especially if the destination country is far from the departure country. In order to know when your furniture and antiques will exactly arrive at the seaport, in your country, it is essential to keep in touch with the cargo ship. 
  • Go through customs' office: The goods will go through customs check once in your homeland. All the travel documents will be required again for the last check. 
  • Call the local moving company: Your next step is to contact the local movers to transport the furniture and antiques to your home. Charges usually apply, but the moving cost depends on the distance from your home. Therefore, you may need to compare prices before deciding on which mover to choose.

Move with a professional

Many people find it quite challenging to move furniture from abroad. Indeed, they are overwhelmed by the idea and the process of moving furniture from abroad.

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