Travel to buy antiques : the countries of Eastern Europe

Image Travel to buy antiques : the countries of Eastern Europe

The countries of Eastern Europe are full of archeological sites and thus antiques. For the specialists of the domain as well as the auction resellers, these countries are a destination of choice to find unique collectible pieces. If you are a collector and rare collector, then for your next vacation, you know where to fly.

The best flea markets in Eastern Europe

Nearly every country in Eastern Europe has two or three vintage shops. In order to thoroughly find the rare piece that will complete your collection, the following shops are absolutely worth visiting.

  •  The flea market of the antique dealer Vladimir Gueorguiev in Bulgaria: His small shop, in a big hotel in the Bulgarian capital, represents an incredible museum of Bulgaria of the second half of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries. Vladimir Gueorguiev, the fifty-year-old doctor, takes care of his precious objects as if they were human beings who tell the spirit of their time.
  •  The Antique Shop A. Vitt & D. Leontyev in Moscow: a real palace of the 15th century, this shop is full of valuable antiques, very well-preserved and ideal for lovers of royal coins. Often compared to a museum, plan several hours to visit this unique destination. Having hundreds of articles, you will need time to watch everything.
  •  The flea markets of Nagykorösi Street in Budapest. Some people have real treasures at home and do not even know their values. For antique lovers, flea markets are real treasure hunts. And when the flea market of Nagykorösi is announced, it is an event not to be missed not only to buy, but also to admire the wealth of the antiquity that the inhabitants possess.
  •  Antique dealers in Bratislava, Slovakia: Stroll through the city and you'll find dozens of antique shops. Palackeho Street near Reduta, for example, has four. Although the rarest collectibles of the time have already been taken, by carefully searching, you are sure to find a rarity that no one has touched before. As its shops sell internationally, you will have no trouble communicating in English with apothecaries and why not negotiate the price of some trinkets.

Estimate antiques: how to do it right

An antique shop or a flea market can be intimidating for first-timers and even for sharp-eyed shoppers. Here are some tips to navigate and do good business:

  •  Stop at original objects: apothecary specialists always linger on pieces that have a touch of originality. Whether by shape, writing or even smell, rare pieces are unlike any other.
  •  The safe values: To recognize a rare vintage, we must look for the signature of the artist who designed it or the brand of the manufacturer. These are must-haves that even for the oldest pieces still persist. - Make yourself happy: Even if a room seems non-authentic but you like it, the important thing is to make yourself happy. Try to negotiate and see the quality of the article.

Find a flight to Eastern Europe

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